Glenda Sparling

Basic Jacket Design Along by Sure-Fit Designs

Join Glenda the Good Stitch as she walks you through the basics of designing a Basic Lapel Jacket.

Glenda Sparling

Basic Blouse Design Along

What comes after you've drawn, sewn and tested your bodice blueprint and you're happy with the fit? It's time to design the basic blouse. You'll have 2 choices of necklines - with or without a collar. I invite you to come join me!

Glenda Sparling

The Long Tailed Big Shirt Sew Along by Sure-Fit Designs

Designed and sewn from your Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit, this Long Tailed Big Shirt is designed to be worn over skinny pants or leggings. You'll love it!

Glenda Sparling

The Little Black Dress Sew Along

You'll love this 19-lesson Sew Along with the Sure-Fit Designs version of the Little Black Dress.

Glenda Sparling

The Caprezio Top Sew Along by Sure-Fit Designs

Asymmetry, Color Blocking & Princess Lines...Rolled into one!

Glenda Sparling

Princess Line Perfection - Master Series

Flattering Princess LInes - they look great on so many different body shapes. See the designing steps visually explained by Glenda the Good Stitch. Enjoy 7 video lessons - for bodices and pants - all free from Sure-Fit Designs.