Glenda Sparling

Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class

Follow the steps. Secrets and process to help you obtain the perfect set-in classic sleeve.

Glenda Sparling

Nautical Flare Sew Along with Sure-Fit Designs

3 Modules - 7 Lessons - Video, Text and PDF's - all for your sewing fun!

Glenda Sparling

The Go Everywhere Shirt Sew Along

Draw, design and sew a casual Go Everywhere Shirt using the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit master patterns.

Glenda Sparling

How-To DVD - Online Version

These comprehensive video lessons take you step-by-step through measuring and drawing the Sure-Fit Designs master patterns.

Glenda Sparling

Fitting Commercial Patterns - Video Lessons

See how to use your SFD Dress, Pants & Shirt Kits to help you fit/re-size your commercial patterns.

Glenda Sparling

Bodice Fitting Course - Streaming Video Lessons

Get in-depth detail on drawing your personal bodice blueprint - drawing/sewing/fitting.