Glenda Sparling

Darts: Versatile & Amazing - Streaming Video Lessons

Understanding placement and movement of darts is basic to understanding fundamentals of fashion designing and dart movement. These video lessons are invaluable in the information provided and the effect that the darts create in the final fashion.

Glenda Sparling

Shirt Fitting Course - Video Lessons

Highly detailed, step-by-step instructions for drawing your perfect fitting SFD Shirt Kit pattern.

Glenda Sparling

Jeans: Behind the Scenes - Streaming Video Lessons

Take your well-fitting SFD Pants pattern and design, sew and fit the best fitting pair of jeans.

Glenda Sparling

Pants Fitting Course Video Lessons

Draw your personalized pants blueprint and received a 30-min. Skype session with this Pants Fitting Course.


Sew Alongs - Bundled and Save 20%

Save 20% on Sew Along Bundle

Glenda Sparling

Pants That Mix 'n Multiply

5 different pants designs plus your bonus of Yoga/Travel/Comfort pants are detailed in this pants designing book by Sure-Fit Designs. Maximize the use of your Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit with this easy-to-follow designing book.