taught by Glenda Sparling
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Monique Robinson

Marie King

Judith Kok

Monique Robinson

Marie King

Judith Kok

Heather Holmes

Very good, will be reviewing this later

Kristine Espinoza

Glenda, this class was awesome!! Add this to the kimono blouse class and I’m ready to design the blouse I have rolling around in my head 😂🤣. Thanks so much for your clear, patient instructions!

Lesley Innes

Have never had such clear instruction and looking forward to start when I receive my package from your South African Distributor. Now that I am older and not a standard size or shape have had difficulty getting a good fit and professional finish...

Lea Cooks

As usual Mrs Glenda is perfect. Lea

Darlene Smith-Gianelli

lynn white

As always, Glenda does a superb job of explaining what she is doing and why. This course, even though I have made several garments, explained and helped in several areas that I just hadn't gotten perfect. It helped to see it done in a very concise...

Patricia Buis

OH GLENDA, I can't begin to tell you how much I ENJOYED this design along. I have learned so much from it. I know I will never get to come to one of your retreats. My only hope is that you will CONTINUE them online. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do ...

Dorothy Wheat

Thanks for this sew along. I learn something each time I review one of your courses. Dorothy

Glenda Sparling
Glenda Sparling
President Sure-Fit Designs

About the instructor

Since 1982, Glenda has been President of Sure-Fit Designs™, an international company specializing in pattern fitting and designing. Canadian born, her impressive background includes 10 years as a Home Economics educator, plus 36 years in the sewing industry. Based in Eugene, OR, she has traveled extensively in the USA, Canada, Australia, N.Z., and Great Britain showing home seamstresses the ease of achieving excellent pattern fit with the Sure-Fit Designs™ system of pattern fitting and designing. She has authored numerous articles, pattern fitting, designing, fabric embellishment and machine embroidery books for the benefit of home seamstresses worldwide. She has been featured in sewing forums and shows throughout the USA and Australia and is recognized as a leading educator in the sewing industry.

What's next?  After you've drafted, sewn and tested your basic bodice blueprint and you're ready to begin a fashion garment, start with something simple like the basic blouse.  Join Glenda the Good Stitch and follow along with her guidance as you draw the simple features of the basic blouse.  You'll choose from either with or without a collar, learn how to add a button extension, see how to draw the collar and choose whether to have a turn-back or sewn-on facing.  I know you'll enjoy this beginning design along.

Course Contents

7 Videos
7 Texts
2 PDFs