Princess Line Perfection - Master Series

By Glenda Sparling - Sure-Fit Designs | taught by Glenda Sparling
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Victoria Tatut

Princess Line Perfection

The videos are all and easy to follow.

julie compton

Princess line

Excellent, clear, informative and easy to follow

Mary Bird

excellent presentation easy to follow and understand

Victoria Tatut

The videos are all and easy to follow.

julie compton

Excellent, clear, informative and easy to follow

Mary Bird

excellent presentation easy to follow and understand

Phumla Radebe

Margery Finlayson

I have had the Sure Fit Dress Kit for some time and have made the odd garment, but, over the past year I have been doing sewing other than dress making and so needed to retake measurements- we all change ! I wanted to make a princess line cocktail...

Susan Skidmore

Colette Monaghan

I found this course extremely helpful and clear. The concept is almost mind-blowing in how some relatively simple changes in dart shaping/placement can effect such incredibly elegant designs. I am even now attempting to put what I have learned int...

Randy Parr

This course was so easy to understand, so well presented that I feel I can immediately incorporate the information into my projects.

ann ward

Through and clear.

Cathy Paynter

The Princess Line Perfection Master Series was very complete and easy to follow. Once completed, you will feel confident to design the perfect princess line. It's a great alternative/option for those that reluctant to tackle darts. The instruc...

Linda Bubenko

Really enjoyed clarity of demonstration and materials covered. Thank you so much for being a great teacher. I never knew front seam in pants were called princess seams also.

Marti McGrath-Gregg

One of the most Execellent "how to" videos I have ever seen! Thank you Glenda!

Lea Cooks

Best teacher ever. Lea

Ann Marie Weer

These videos make it crystal clear how to get a perfect ,slimming fit with princess design lines. Glenda takes you thru the process step by step. Thank you for showing us how easy it is!

Hortencia Cifuentes

It is good to know all little tricks to have better results and less headaches.

Pirjo Luoma-aho

Dorothy Wheat

I have a vest ready to cut out. Pants: I am going to take waistband off a pair of pants And try the front and back seams. Wish I had thought of doing the princess seams for the pants. Thanks so much for sharing

Sharon Dutchak

I just finished watching the entire video on princess lines. What an informative video. I have never seen this design detail explained so clearly, concisely and thoroughly. I am now looking forward to constructing Princess line garments. Thanks s...

RaChelle Bradford

Very detailed without the fluff. I wish I had this info. decades ago when I first started sewing. Thank you Glenda, -RaChelle

Ella Meyers

Before I discovered Sure Fit Designs I avoided princess seams altogether because I could never get them to fit. Lately I've been experimenting with princess seams using my body blueprint and have been very happy with the results. This FREE cour...

Marcia Dumas

Excellent demos on detailed drawing for personalized blueprint; excellent explanations and reminders of the order of progression. Order of adding grainlines, removing darts, opening new darts, adding seam allowances are well worth repeating as yo...


Thank you for your clarity in instruction

Glenda Sparling
Glenda Sparling
President Sure-Fit Designs

About the instructor

Since 1982, Glenda has been President of Sure-Fit Designs™, an international company specializing in pattern fitting and designing. Canadian born, her impressive background includes 10 years as a Home Economics educator, plus 36 years in the sewing industry. Based in Eugene, OR, she has traveled extensively in the USA, Canada, Australia, N.Z., and Great Britain showing home seamstresses the ease of achieving excellent pattern fit with the Sure-Fit Designs™ system of pattern fitting and designing. She has authored numerous articles, pattern fitting, designing, fabric embellishment and machine embroidery books for the benefit of home seamstresses worldwide. She has been featured in sewing forums and shows throughout the USA and Australia and is recognized as a leading educator in the sewing industry.

Flattering Princess LInes - they look great on so many different body shapes. See the designing steps visually explained by Glenda the Good Stitch. Enjoy 7 video lessons - for bodices and pants - all free from Sure-Fit Designs.

Course Contents

7 Videos
1 Text

Course Curriculum

Video Lesson #1 - Welcome to Princess Line Perfection - Master Series
Video Lesson #2 Princess Line into the Armscye
Video Lesson #3 - Princess Line Shaping with the Waist Dart
Video Lesson #4 - Princess Line with a Short Bust Dart
Video Lesson #5 - Princess Line in the Bodice Back
Video Lesson #6 - No Side Seam Princess Line
Video Lesson #7 - Princess Line Seams in the Pants Leg