Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class

taught by Glenda Sparling

Course description

Setting Secrets...The Set-in Sleeve Master Class

Build your confidence by learning the secrets to achieving a perfect set-in sleeve. It's all free. Just follow along as I show you a process that I've used for years to achieve a beautiful outcome when sewing a set-in sleeve.

Glenda Sparling
Glenda Sparling
President Sure-Fit Designs

Since 1982, Glenda has been President of Sure-Fit Designs™, an international company specializing in pattern fitting and designing. Canadian born, her impressive background includes 10 years as a Home Economics educator, plus 36 years in the sewing industry. Based in Eugene, OR, she has traveled extensively in the USA, Canada, Australia, N.Z., and Great Britain showing home seamstresses the ease of achieving excellent pattern fit with the Sure-Fit Designs™ system of pattern fitting and designing. She has authored numerous articles, pattern fitting, designing, fabric embellishment and machine embroidery books for the benefit of home seamstresses worldwide. She has been featured in sewing forums and shows throughout the USA and Australia and is recognized as a leading educator in the sewing industry.

Reviews (25)

Great Title

by Linda Bubenko
Thank you very clear.

by judy chen

Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class

by Marti McGrath-Gregg
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Great Title

by Linda Bubenko
Thank you very clear.

by judy chen

Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class

by Marti McGrath-Gregg

by Lea Cooks
You are turning us into competent tracing pattern and better sewing people Mrs Glenda. Thanks a bunch Lea

by Susan Skidmore

by A Brooks
Very informative and clear instructions.

by carol vele

Stellar Results

by Elaine Fagin
Glenda's teaching style is clear and concise. I have read over and over again to stitch the sleeve with the sleeve toward the feed dogs to allow the machine to ease the stitching for you. I have been sewing forever (50+ years) and I say no way, I have always stitched the way Glenda does, so you can manipulate as you go - and I get great results. I love the way Glenda doesn't take "short cuts" (as is so popular today) and her results are stellar. Thank you for teaching new seamstresses to do things the right way to get beautiful results.

by ayse meral

110 fantastic lesson

by Martha Schuster
Great lesson in setting up sleeves! Thank you, Glenda

by Mary Moloney-Vaughan

by Misty kelly

Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class

by Sheila Blaasch
I found this a very informative class with good tips to a nice looking sleeve even though I have been sewing for many years I still found it a very good class and would recommend to people especially if you are just starting out in your sewing adventures

by Monica Reuter
Thanks for this great video course! It's so informative and clear.

by gina roberto

Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class

by Patricia Buis
Fantastic video! Glenda is SO GOOD at what she does. Thanks Glenda.


by Dienie Schnetler
Thanks Glenda, as always you demonstrate it so well. Looks so easy !!

Large Upper Arm Alteration

by Vickie Utley
I am grateful for this video. In the video Mrs. Glenda shows how to gradually ease the sleeve into the armhole instead of gathering it, which makes a big difference in final appearance of the garment. Thank you Mrs Glenda for sharing this secret!

Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class

by Nancy Hirsch
Another excellent lesson -- a good refresher for someone who has been sewing for years! Thank you Glenda for all your courses and for being so clear, concise, and having such great visuals for us to learn from.

Good title fits topic perfectly

by Shelby Smarte
As always, Glenda covers the material in a step-by-step fashion with clear, concise instructions. Well done.

Excellent. The set-in-sleeve is the most difficult to work with, so the title is relevant.

by Annick Brennen
The course was well planned and delivered. Handout is excellent with detailed and well illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Very Informative

by Jeanette Pugh
I found this video very informative to how to make the sleeve wider to give the garment a perfect fit. I learned how to adjust both the sleeve and the bodice top. I will return to this video whenever I need the help with setting in my sleeves.


by Juanita Baker
This was one of the best-explained videos on set in sleeves. I've been sewing for over 45+ years and I find that there is always something new to learn. Glenda is a great teacher and thanks so much for the very detailed class.

Clear information, as always!

by Phyllis O'Dell
Very helpful to see the larger bicep sleeve tune up and sewing methods actually done. It was a bit confusing at times to figure out the written instructions. For some reason, in the booklet I did not notice the large upper arm measuring technique of dropping 1/2" at the side seam of the bodice and extending the length by 3/8", so I will try it that way, next time.. I do have large upper arms so the demo was extremely useful for me. I will need to modify the sleeve the same way for the shirt kit sleeve. Even though there is more ease with the shirt sleeve, I still need to enlarge it.

Great class and video

by Katy B
Loved this and so easy to follow. Thank you Glenda.