The Caprezio Top Sew Along:

1. Just finished watching the video. LOVED IT! Going to go buy some fabric and start my caprezio top. Thanks again, Glenda, for a job well done.

2. Brilliantly explained that even I could follow it. ( I am a beginner ). Glenda gives clear and concise instruction.

3. Thank you for this great sew-along! Everything is so clearly explained that there are really no question marks regarding how to proceed. I have learned a lot and gained new confidence in sewing and cannot wait to apply it to another, similar garment. It's wonderful to see how it is possible to use the master pattern and go from there together with the detailed sewing instructions and the best order of putting it together. Thanks again!

4. Thank you for this great sew-along! Everything is so clearly explained that there are really no question marks regarding how to proceed. I have learned a lot and gained new confidence in sewing and cannot wait to apply it to another, similar garment. It's wonderful to see how it is possible to use the master pattern and go from there together with the detailed sewing instructions and the best order of putting it together. Thanks again!

5. I haven't sewn in a while, but was tempted by the design of the top. I am also a plus size and found the top fit me well and suited by body type. Congratulations Glenda on a versatile pattern!

6.  The Caprezio Top Sew Along - Excellent!   The videos are remarkable.  The sequential clear-step-by-step  instructions are easy to follow.  The text instructions are succinct and  easy to follow. Another great sew-along!

The Little Black Dress Sew Along:

1. This is the first Sew Along I have watched and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As always, very clear instructions .....and I was particularly pleased to learn about lining a dress, very informative.

2. From the time I started watching this video, I felt like I was right in class with Glenda. She has such a calm confident way of explaining the processes involved to achieve a beautiful, professional finished garment . I found this course very well organized and loved that Glenda's instructions not only tell you WHAT to do, but always with timely explanations as to WHY. I am not new to sewing but am new to garment construction. I picked up a few tips along the way that can be applied to other future garments. I would recommend this course not only to experienced sewers but also to beginners. It is clear, concise and the video placed perfectly so that you are able to see exactly what is being taught. I also love that I can always access this course in case I need a refresher. Thanks so much for the inspiration Glenda!

3. Simply AMAZING!  It was my intention to watch this course completely before sewing along.  The experience was like reading an intriguing novel, couldn't put it  down. Glenda's attention to detail is amazing. Her explanation and  demonstration at every facet was incredible.    I can't wait to sew a  muslin to check the fit, as I have lost a few pounds and inches since  drawing my first blueprint.  Thanks Glenda. Carol Eades

Introductory How-To DVD Lessons:
1. Very Clear and concise videos.

2. Clear concise presentation.  

Glenda gave a clear, concise presentation that got me solid results on  my very bodice pattern. There wasn't one place where I was confused or  had to stop and ask questions. I thought this was a process that would take perhaps a week. Instead it  took a few hours (and I'm slow!) My muslin was sewed up and I was amazed  at the way it fit.  

3. Excellent:  The video's explain everything and doesn't make it confusing, simple but with room to grow and change.

Pants Fitting Course Lessons:
1.This course is magnificent, as is all of Glenda's videos. I enjoy watching all of her videos. Keep them coming.

Bodice Fitting Course Lessons:
1. Fantastic. I love watching Glenda's videos. She simplifies everything, and that's what I love about her. Keep bringing the videos on, Glenda!!! Your friend and fan, Patricia Buis (Tennessee)

2. Bodice Fitting: Just fantastic, Thank you Glenda for sharing all your knowledge. I am so happy to be part of this amazing Sure Fit Design community. M. Schuster - Australia

Jeans: Behind the Scenes:
1. You did it again, Glenda! Way to go. YEAAAAAAA!!!

Holiday Happy Top Sew Along:
1. Excellent. Glenda makes the hardest of instructions so SIMPLE -- even a child could follow along. That's what I love about Glenda.

The Go Everywhere Shirt Sew Along:
1. I even learned several things that in the years of experience I never learned before seeing Glenda make the Go Everywhere shirt.Great job, Glenda.This video would give lots of confidence to young beginners who have never made a shirt with a collar or perhaps put in buttonholes and buttons.

If I may also say that I find this method of shirt making so much easier than the Wild Ginger Software, Patternmaster Boutique that I have used for over a decade.The measurements for the Sure-Fit Designs patterns are many less steps.Plus, I always had to adjust something even after printing out many pieces of paper to form into pattern pieces, and gluing them together over a light box.This method is faster if you take all things into consideration.So, I am very happy to have discovered Sure-Fit Designs!

2. EXCELLENT VIDEO, as is all of Glenda's videos.

1. Glenda makes the hardest pattern drafting so elementary, a child could understand. And for that, Glenda, I THANK YOU. Pat Buis Tennessee

2.The text provided only a summary of the contents. However, the instructional videos were excellent. I would recommend staying on completed steps a little longer. Glenda is a master trainer--the best in the industry. A. Brennan

3. I understand darts so much more now. This course was amazing! I've been shown moving darts in previous sewing classes and followed instructions but not understanding what I was doing. Glenda makes it so understandable and, I can't wait to try them out. Thank you Glenda. - S. Passey

4. An excellent course as are all courses I have seen so far and this one will not be the last one. M. Reuter

 1. Over and over, I have been taught to make a sloper but no one has ever shown me what to do with it. I have tried through the years, but I have always lost many of the styling features of the commercial pattern I was trying to adapt. Excellent instruction and very practical application! Honestly, this has been one of the most helpful sewing videos I have ever watched. I am very glad that I purchased it.

Setting Secrets...Sleeve Master Class:

1.Great class and video - Loved this and so easy to follow. Thank you Glenda.

2. Clear information, as always! Very helpful to see the larger bicep sleeve tune up and sewing methods actually done. It was a bit confusing at times to figure out the written instructions. For some reason, in the booklet, I did not notice the large upper arm technique of dropping 1/2" at the side seam of the bodice and extending the length by 3/8", so I will try it that way next time. I do have large upper arms so the demo was extremely useful for me. I will need to modify the sleeve the same way for the Shirt Kit sleeve. Even though there is more ease with the shirt sleeve, I still need to enlarge it.

3. BRAVO!!! This was one of the best-explained videos on set in

sleeves. I've been sewing for over 45+ years and I find that there is always

something new to learn. Glenda is a great teacher and thanks so much for the

very detailed class.

4. Very Informative. I found this video very informative to how to make the sleeve wider to give the garment a perfect fit. I learned how to adjust both the sleeve and the bodice top. I will return to this video whenever I need the help with setting in my sleeves.

5. How kind of you to share your sleeve class with your followers! I enjoyed the class very much. What I especially like was the review .pdf available as both a download and as a text review online. That way you cover multiple learning styles. Great job and thanks again. Kathleen S.

6. Excellent. The set-in-sleeve is the most difficult to work with, so the title is relevant. The course was well planned and delivered. Handout is excellent with detailed and well illustrated step-by-step instructions.

7. Good title - fits the topic perfectly. As always, Glenda covers the material in a step-by-step fashion with clear, concise instructions. Well done.

8. Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class. Another excellent lesson -- a good refresher for someone who has been sewing for years! Thank you Glenda for all your courses and for being so clear, concise, and having such great visuals for us to learn from.

9. Large Upper Arm Alteration: I am grateful for this video. In the video Glenda shows how to gradually ease the sleeve into the armhole instead of gathering it, which makes a big difference in final appearance of the garment. Thank you Mrs Glenda for sharing this secret!

10. Excellent: Thanks Glenda, as always you demonstrate it so well. Looks so easy !!

11. Setting Secrets: Fantastic video!  Glenda is SO GOOD at what she does.  Thanks Glenda.

12. Setting Sleeves: Thanks for this great video course! It's so informative and clear.

13. Setting Secrets - a Sleeve Master Class: I found this a very informative class with good tips to a nice looking sleeve even though I have been sewing for many years I still found it a very good class and would recommend to people especially if you are just starting out in your sewing adventures.

14. Setting Sleeves - Great lesson in setting in sleeves.  Thank you, Glenda!

Thanks so much to all of you who have written reviews of the courses you've participated in. I am grateful to all of you!
Glenda...the Good Stitch!